Wednesday, October 26, 2005

October 26, 2005...Car problems suck!

Okay, so the kids are out of school for the next two days. My mother decides this would be the perfect time for a little visit...nevermind she was just here last week. Well wouldn't you know it our van decides to squeal like a stuck pig while in first and second gear. So, I take it to the dealer, where (I'm assuming out of fear) the thing doesn't make a peep.

After an hour of waiting in the lobby, they graciously give me a rental. A friggin' Neon...did I mention I have two kids? I don't complain, but tool on home, in the tiny little sports car. After I chew out my husband, for making me go in the first place, we get a phone call...the transmission's going out. They need the van for "a few days." Now, I like to keep on the sunny side of life, so think this is the perfect out for having to visit my mom. I mention to the the service guy that I was planning to make a trip, but couldn't possibly do so with the loaner car.

He says, 'sure you can!'

So there you have it. It will be me, two whining kids in a car the size of a Hot Wheels for a three hour tour. Urgh...I hate school holidays.

Until next time...

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