Saturday, April 12, 2008

Aw, talk about the perfect boyfriend...

Okay, I had to post this picture.

Look at Went...he's got my People magazine, a coffee (the hot one is mine, of course - only he likes those sweet, mocha things - blech!), a new pillow for the bed from Bed Bath - oh, and you can't forget those handcuffs dangling from his oh-so yummy fingers. *wriggling brows*

We broke our fuzzy pair last time around...see the secret smile on his face - he's thinking about it right now. *winks*

LOL! Fiction can be fun. :-)

New Review for the Elf Book!!

A Magical Encounter

Meagan Hatfield


Sensuality Rating: S-ensuous 4 Flames

Rating: 4 Enchantments

"Prince Hanarom, prince of the elves, is heading out to help his friends conquer the enemies and keep his lands safe for his people. He is two hundred two years old, and his mother thinks it is time for him to remarry, produce an heir, and Hanarom is not interested.

Lady Kaiya of Seriador is human, she can’t figure out why her father is determined to marry her off and she’s not ready. After rejecting each suitor her father has put before her, she is finally sold off as a whore, and taken from her lands.

This is a story of love, intrigue and murder, where elves, beasts and humans war with one another trying to keep their lands and people free. This is a love story between an elf and a human who come together in the middle of all of the war and intrigue and fall deeply in love.

This is an absolutely beautiful story with twists and turns at every corner. Meagan Hatfield has beautifully woven whispers of attraction, and sweetness throughout this fantasy culminating in a cacophony or romance. This is truly an enchanting magical love story, a happily-ever-after if I’ve ever read one. The fantasy is beautiful; to watch two people from different races come together in love despite all odds. Truly beautiful! The scenes of love, beauty, discord and sadness are magnificently portrayed. This is a must read for all fantasy lovers and all romantics. Beautiful story, Meagan, well done. This one is a keeper!"