Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Erotica...been berry berry good, to me

Well, so far anyway. :-)

I recently found out I sold my interracial erotic contemp, THE WHOLE ENCHILADA, to Whiskey Creek Press Torrid!! Woo Hoo!!
Here's a quick blurb:

Since the day she was born, Lina Sanchez has lived, cooked and eaten every item on her family's The Pollo Asado restaurant menu...but none more than her late mother's Green Chicken Enchiladas recipe. It's that unique, signature dish keeping her beachside taco joint packed with regulars. That is, until a new "Taco Joe's" corporation moves into their tight-knit community. As hard as Lina tries to discourage it's laid back, drop-dead gorgeous owner, it's hard to ignore the fact he's not corporate and stuffy like his establishment. In fact, like her, he has a true passion for creating and enjoying food. Making it harder and harder for Lina to remember that he and his business are threatening everything she knows and cares about.

Dale Jennings may have bombed big in marriage and on Wall Street, but he's certain following his life long dream of ditching the suit and donning a chef's apron is just the antidote to heal both. Being the business man he is, he opts to open a chain restaurant rather than risk striking out on his own and quickly regrets his decision. The rigid menu and atmosphere stifles his creativity, and he soon finds himself enjoying the authentic flavor of his rivals cuisine. But while the girl next door's food is damn near as hot as her sun kissed body, he's determined not to let anything stand in the way of his dream...especially not some California girl's enchiladas