Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Writer's life = Waiting.

I'll repeat. A writer's life is all about the waiting.
We toil, we sweat, we "birth" our "babies" and then like proud mama's rush to show them off to the world. But instead of numerous e-mails, cigars and congratulatory slaps on the back, we get...nothing. (Well, maybe you have an agent who strokes your ego a bit, but other than that you get zilch in those early stages.)

The publisher, you proudly send your baby off to, says they received your precious manuscript and will getting back to you in "a few weeks." Those weeks turn to months. You begin to go stir crazy. The self doubt seeps in. You start having to battle your urge to send them check up e-mails nearly every day. After all, RWA's PRO booklet says it's okay to nag them after a month or two has passed... STOP! Don't do it. All of this is quite normal, and has no reflection on your ability. (Or your baby.)

While punctuality is a common, no, expected trait in the average workplace, it's not in the publishing industry. Well, until you've signed on the dotted line at least! :-) Then it's a whole other story! You see, while you may believe your baby is the brightest, most original, fun-loving piece of work the world has ever been gifted, it's just one of hundreds parading about the editors office. Choosing...heck, finding TIME to choose can be stressful! It's a job I, for one, wouldn't relish having.

So, what's the cure, you ask? Easy. Start making another baby. I mean, that's why you started writing anyway, right? It wasn't for the money or fame. It was because you were born a story teller. So get back to work! Put all that negative, nervous energy to work on your next project, and before you know it, you just might get "the call" when you least expect it!

Until next time...

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