Thursday, January 05, 2006

Okay, I guess this is what happens when you 7 tag others...

Yup bloggers, that's's my turn to do the old 7 tag bit. (Thanks Lori)

All-righty, {{stretching fingers, popping knuckles}}, I'm ready to go!

7 things to do before I die:
-Tour Europe, Greece, Australia, Jamaica and Nepal.
-Visit Johnny Depp, while in France.
-Go to a movie based on one of my books.
-Drive a golf ball further than my husband, at least once.(Yes, he's that good.)
-Get an advance check so big, my husband passes out cold.
-Hold a grandbaby. (VERY distant future)

7 things I cannot do:
-Eat calamari, no matter how fried it is.
-Drink Southern Comfort EVER again.
-Write a Contemporary Romance.
-Visit China.
-Remember birthdays of those most important to me.
-Have one more of said birthday parties at Chuck-E-Cheese without going postal.
-Stop drinking coffee.

7 autobuy authors:
-Shari Anton.
-Dawn Thompson.
-Connie Mason.
-Karen Robards.
-Deborah Hale.
-The "No Law Against Love" anthology authors! You go ladies!
-Any of my WisRWA buddies new releases!

7 movies I watch over and over again:
-Moulin Rouge, (my daughter and I sing like crazy)
-Lord of the Rings movies...yes, pretty much all of them.
-The Boondock Saints.
-So, I Married an Axe Murderer. "Nadia, let us dance like children of the night."
-King Arthur. "You been fightin? Yeah. You been winnin? Yeah. That's my boy."
-A Knight's Tale, (kid's love the beginning)

7 things I say (or write) most often:
-"Dude!" (I am from So. Cal)
-"Back the truck up."
-"That 'aint right."
-"Quit hitting your sister!"
-his/her eyes narrowed. Seriously, when I edit I actually have to LOOK for this and change it.
-said. I write it ALL the time. I mean, the characters ARE always talking to each other.
-My sig. line.

7 things I like to eat that I shouldn't:
-Homemade Bread, any and all kinds.
-Cheese, any and all kinds.
-Red Wine, any and all kinds.
-More bread.
-More Cheese.
-More Wine.
-More Wine.

Phew!! Thank goodness that's over!
Until next time...


Hurricane Mercedes said...

Hi Megan, I really like your site, I cannot wait to read your book.
Thank-you for helping my mom try to keep keely in line.


Meagan Hatfield said...

Yeah Mercedes, you have to watch those Fae folk. If you help, I think we may be able to keep a handle on her! :-)

Keely said...

(giggling) As I flutter my beautifully translucent wings and sprinkle faery dust to keep me from falling in-line, I'll remember when you wanted the Toothfaery to come early.

Humans are so amusing.