Monday, November 28, 2005

Last Prison Break until March?

Say it isn't so!
Alas, my sources, (who have been wrong a time or two), say it's true. {{{sob, sniff}}}
But, even if they are wrong, (which wouldn't surprise me), I read they are giving P.B the kiss of death...moving it to another night and time slot.
This is a practice of the National Broadcast System I just do not understand. It has caused the demise of more decent shows than I can even begin to name...Fastlane, Arrested Development, The name a few. I only hope that Michael, Lincoln and the rest of the gang can tuff it out, because Prison Break is one of the best shows I've seen in...well...since Lost's debut last season. :-)
In honor of what could be the last show until March, I've posted some pics of my favorite inmate. Enjoy!

"Kiss me right here on my tattoo."

"Look at me. I want you. Only you."

Hehehe. :-)
Until next time...

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