Monday, August 22, 2005

August 22, 2005...C'est la vie!

Where or where did this month go? As I foretold on my Aug. 4th post, it will be All Hallows Eve before you know it...then turkey day...and Santa pictures, and racking up the credit cards I've only just paid down from last year. Oh well! C'est la vie! Since I am sick of thinking about when I'll find out about book #1, I thought today I'd talk about...(drum roll please) ...garage sales! Yes, garage sales. I took my two kids "garage sale'n" this weekend, and you know what? We had a blast! I spent all of eight dollars, and it made their day. Yet me being, "the best mom in the whole wide world", was short-lived however. Dad had to go and steal my thunder by taking the family to the Wisconsin Dells on Sunday. But I'm not bitter. I had fun too! However, I discovered that as one ages, the roller coaster rides go from totally awesome thrill machines, to neck aching, stomach churning monsters! At least I finally understand why they have those warning signs posted at the entrance. To quote the infamous and wise, Tigger..."Ta ta for now!"Until next time...

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