Sunday, April 18, 2010

Birthday parties, concerts and knights - oh my!

So, my week of craziness has finally come to a close. *phew* It was a long, but fun-filled week of birthday celebrations for my kiddos.

Here is a quick journal of the week's events:

It started with a Pump it UP birthday party for my son, who turned eight this week. *sniff, sniff* He's getting so big! (Sidenote - I'm SO getting one of those thrones for my next birthday.)

I followed that long, semi-exhausting night with a 30 Seconds to Mars Concert, VIP style - a present for my now 13 year old daughter. *no sniffels for her, I'm stoked she's getting older* :)

In reality, the concert was more like a day long event, since we left at 1pm and got home at 1am.But it was a flippin' blast! Doesn't she look happy? :) The boys all told her happy birthday, and Jared Leto gave her a hug!

Oh, and Jared Leto jumped on me! :) Now, how many times in your life can you say that? (well, for those of us who aren't Paris Hilton.) hehehe See, here is the picture to prove it --->>

Then, over the weekend, I took a jaunt to Chicago, where we saw the dinner and tournament show, Medieval Times, (after a lot of playing in the hotel pool of course.) The dinner was great. Being a new rabbit eater, I had the vegetarian meal for the first time and it was amazing! Yummy roasted veggies and a portabella mushroom cap with beans and rice. Mmm.

On the entertainment side, the show was great! Both my daughter and I were given flowers by our knight...
My son had a new tunic and a dagger to wave around, so he was happy as could be...And our knight actually won! That never happens when we go there.

Now, I could post pics of the tourney, joust or the
horses, but come you REALLY want to see those? Me neither. *grin* Instead, here are some pics me with the hotties...erm, I mean knights. :)

And yes, I am sitting on their laps. Personally, I think they like me there. *grins*

Aww, aren't they all just so cute? I wish I could take them home with me. :)

Anyway, I guess that's my week in a nutshell. When you look at it here, it doesn't look crazy at all. But believe me...I'z tired and need a nap! Too bad tomorrow is Monday. Ugh!

Until next time....


Anna Kathryn Lanier said...

Looks like a busy, but great week. I've been to the Midieval Times in Dallas twice and really enjoyed it. It was nice to talk to the guys and learn how they got into the act. (really, I talked to them about that.) And of course, gives you ideas for a time travel story, doesn't it?

Glad you all had nice time and your knight won.

Happy birthday to the kiddos! Just wait until they're 28 and 23! Then you'll feel old...okay, I don't feel old, I just wonder how I can have a 28-year-old!

Meagan Hatfield said...

Hey lady, thanks for commenting! Yes, it was a great (busy) week.

Wow, these knights pretty much stuck in character the whole time. Hmm, maybe if I hung out after the kids left, they would drop the act - dunno? You know, usually I get story ideas when I'm at Ren Faires or Medieval Times - not this time though. I just had fun! :)

And yeah, I already feel old having a 13 yr old. But hey, at least at the concert no one believed I was her mom - they thought we were sisters or friends or something. lol! Don't think that will be the case when she's 28;-)

Anonymous said...

Man, look at the yummy's! Lucky you.