Saturday, March 18, 2006

My Saturday

Is going something like this...

Wake up way to early and discover you are completely hung over - check
Go to work - check
Slurp down two Pepsi's before 7am because you forgot to brew coffee - check
Decide to sit on excercise ball instead of desk chair to work your abs - check
Nearly throw up from the vertigo (or the Pepsi's?) - check
Lose ball - check
Google yourself at least twice, check your e-mail, groups...Oh, and don't forget to blog - check
Watch people working out and have self-deprecating thoughts - check
Go in office and eat - check
Watch clock and pray for 3 pm to get here so you can go home - check
Dread going home because then you'll have to edit the book you're pitching to editor next month - check

Until next time...


Keely said...

Feeling a bit puny, Meagan? Here, have a pinch a faery dust. . . . no, No, NO don't snort it!!! Good grief. Well there, don't you feel better now? Faery dust is amazing.

I just thought I'd bop on over to see if I had won the contest yet. The prize is mine, you know.


Meagan Hatfield said...

Yes it was Keely!! So glad to see you won!!