Thursday, March 09, 2006

Awesome paranormal read!

Hey all...Just finished a fellow LIW- Dawn Thompson's THE WATERLORD, and let me tell's wonderful! I couldn't put it down kinda wonderful!

I had been looking forward to this book ever since finishing her first paranormal for Dorchester THE RAVENCLIFF BRIDE. So, naturally Amazon had to go and lose my order! I received it nearly a month late, but let me tell you...IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT! Dawn has crafted a very sensual, otherworldly tale that seamlessly blends her natural flare for the Regency era with a superbly inventive fantasy realm.

However, I believe, (and have told her many times), her greatest gift is creating these wounded, yet perfect to die for hero's any woman would swoon for!! Klaus is no exception. He is one sensual, sexy man...err fey, who must mate with a mortal woman in order to procreate his line. He's done it before. It should be easy what with his charm and good looks. However, his chosen conquest this time is our heroine, Becca. A woman who stirs him like no other. And while he has ensured a cottage not far from the waterfall from which he draws his strength, it can do nothing to save him from losing his immortal heart.

I highly recommend this wonderful read. You'll fall in love with Klaus, cheer on this couple through the villains-both of this world and the other-and bathe in the sensually vivid imagery and passionate love story that is THE WATERLORD.

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Faith said...

That's an awesome cover for the book too!