Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Leave it to me to forget my own contest...Sheesh!

So, if you're wondering if you one has yet! :-)
Due to the fact I have a newsletter to pen before I can select the winners, I've extended the contest deadline to April 15th.

Rush on over to for you last chance at Legolas goodies!!


Keely said...

And here I thought you'd forsaken me again. Pardon me for my unfaerylike thoughts. We faeries are a bit short-tempered, but we always mind our manners.

But Meagan, dahling, we do have something, or should I say someone in common. DeborahAnne MacGillivray, who created such an excellent bookcover for you, also is my personal portrait artist. I only work with the best, you know.


Meagan Hatfield said...

I'd never forsake you Keely!


And I LOVE your new cover! Can't wait to buy your scribes latest book!