Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Well, at least now I know...

I can't believe I never heard this until now!! One of my all-time favorite television shows, KINDRED: THE EMBRACED, (about a clan of vampires struggling to co-exist with humans and each other), was cancelled after one, knock-out season and I never understood why...until today. The hottie vampire prince Julian Luna, portrayed marvelously by actor Mark Frankel, died in a motorcycle accident that same year, making it impossible for the story to continue.

For those of you, not fortunate enough to have seen the show, here is a picture of the late, talented actor Mark.

The entire season of the Kindred is available on DVD at Amazon. There are many familiar faces and wonderful performances, in a genre one hardly ever sees done, much less done so well. I highly suggest you check it's worth every penny.

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