Monday, September 05, 2005

September 5, 2005...Camping

Hello all. I just got back from camping with the family over Labor Day weekend. We went to the lake with four other families. The kids had an absolute blast! Running around with a dozen other children, splashing in the lake, and tubing behind the could they not have fun?

I on the other hand, need to take a nap. :) I swear, being in the sun all day, chasing after a dozen kids, while drinking mass quantities of beer will tucker you out in no time! But, it was our last hurra before fall truly takes over Wisconsin. Something I fear will be happening unfortunately soon...I mean school has already started, Halloween costume shopping is nearly completed...before you know it, we will have to break out the mittens, scarfs and jackets. (Depressing, I know...but true) So, I highly suggest you get out there into the great outdoors, and have all the late summer fun you can, while you can. :)

Until next time...


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