Sunday, September 11, 2005

September 11...Warning! Halloween costumes are outrageous!

Holy expensive costumes, Batman! Well, Spiderman actually. My son LOVES him. Not only does he try to climb the walls, he actually "webslinged" the doctor at his last appointment. So, my hubby and I should have known that when he saw a muscle chest spidey costume at the store, he would just HAVE to have it. That he would pull out all the stops...from the big, sad puppy dog eyes, to flat out balling. What we did not expect was the $50 dollar price tag once it rang up at the register. $50 bucks for a child's costume! Needless to say, I just bought it on ebay for $24.99...brand new. Still rather pricey, but half the store bought price. Not to mention, the mail man will bring it to me, so I won't even have to get out of my pj's, and I won't have to spend a small fortune on gas, just driving into Madison to buy it.
So, phew...I should feel relief that it's over, that the blasted spidey outfit is on it's way to my home, as I sit and type. But alas, I still have my eight year old daughter to buy for.

Until next time...

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