Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Still sweating...and not just because it's 100 degrees outside...

I'm happy to post that Sven is still crackin' his whip and keeping me sweating. So far, I've written almost 30,000 words, two synopsis and did revisions on a 300+ page manuscript. Woot!! {{Go Sven, go Sven, go, go, go Sven}} I think even after this is over, I'm going to keep him around - for purely inspirational purposes of course. *winks*

Oh, and it is really that hot here in, I mean Wisconsin. (Hey, even Kevin Smith considers it hell, people!) I tell ya, I am *so* a Cali girl. When it's this danged hot, I prefer the dry heat, and need to be by a pool or the ocean with a cold beer or blendie drink in my hand. LOL!

I hope everyone else is staying cool.

Until next time...

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