Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Has it really been so long since I posted here? I have four blogs and keep losing track!

My hubby bought me a puppy for mother's day! He's so cute. It's a litte (for now anyway) black lab. We named him Bear. (all together now..."Awww") I'm going to post a picture of him as soon as I get one. He's still with Momma until Saturday, then the mad scramble to collect puppy poop will be on at the Hatfield house! But, that's why I had two kids...Eventually doing dishes, laundry and yard work will be distant memories. hehehe

As for writing, I have two more scenes to polish on historical and then I'm putting her to bed, so to speak. THE MARQUIS & THE MISTRESS, are ready to see the world! Not to mention the paranormal I've plotted out is screaming at me to pen...I've really got to get a hand held recorder so I can "write" while I drive. LOL!

Until Next time...


Meagan Hatfield said...

And apparently no body misses me. LOL!

At least now I don't feel bad!!

Keely said...

Oh, good grief! You're a silly girl, Meagan. Of course we missed you!.