Thursday, May 25, 2006

Keely's scribe, Jacquie Rodger's, pens another wonderful short story!

By Jacquie Rogers aka Keely's scribe
Reviewed by Ann Marie Bradley, author of "My Hero, My Dad," in the Voice of a Soldier Anthology

"The title may be When Mules Rush In, but readers should rush in to read this hilariously funny story, expertly penned by Jacquie Rogers. Ms Rogers spins a yarn of love and desire between a gambler in a Stetson and a debutante carrying a hoe, while a determined mule named Merlin stirs up magic with his tail, along with the help of a bossy chicken named DeborahAnne.

"When Mules Rush In" is the story of salvation that unites lovers, both mortal and immortal, while being a ripping comedy sure to make the reader laugh out loud.

Luke Tyson is a gambler on a mission. He wants to buy a ranch and settle down before his luck runs out at the card table. He thinks he’s found a way when he’s offered a tidy sum to find missing heiress, Eleanor Winthrop-Douglas and return her to her fiancée. Trouble is, his mule, Merlin, has other plans for the charming cowboy. Merlin is set on finding Luke love and happiness with the right woman, a home, and a family.

When Willow Jones sees the handsome cowboy ride up on a mule, she stops working in her herb garden, mesmerized by his good looks, but leery of strangers. He seems familiar, but she can’t place him. How could she have forgotten anyone that handsome? The Blue Moon. Every night since the full moon, she’d wished that a man like him would rescue her from her loneliness. But she wouldn’t have a man who wanted to woo Eleanor so he could claim the Winthrop-Douglas inheritance. Gripping her hoe, she denies her true identity and orders the stranger away.

However, both Luke and Willow fail to take into consideration the power of a Blue Moon or the magic of an immortal mule and chicken determined to forge a relationship between the stubborn couple. Merlin the mule intervenes with his love spells, while the feisty chicken, DeborahAnne rules the barnyard with her own magic. With the lovable animals’ help, Luke and Willow manage to fight off five armed men and form a bond of love, planning their own magical relationship.

Ms. Rogers wraps up this comedy with an exciting and unexpected ending. She left this reader with tears in her eyes from laughing so hard and begging for more stories featuring these amazing characters. I can’t wait to read future writings by this super talented author, and plan to re-read this story whenever I need a feel-good laugh.

You will enjoy many other wonderful romantic stories that can only happen Once in a Blue Moon in both Blue Moon Magic and Blue Moon Enchantment Anthologies by Highland Press. "


Keely said...


All you busy romance readers, find your reading glasses because Meagan and a bunch of other authors wrote 30 wonderful short stories for the two-volume Once in a Blue Moon anthology from Highland Press!

But, alas, I'm not in them . . . don't even have a supporting role. I wonder if Meagan's as mean to her characters. Mayhap I should find a new sribe?


Ruby said...

This story sounds so fun and exciting! Can't wait to read it. Great review.