Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I'm back from the Big Easy...

I had an absolute blast at Heather Graham's Writer's for New Orlean's Workshop! The city is amazing and I can't wait to get back there. 3 days definitely wasn't enough. *grins*

Here's some of the pic's I've managed to download - I'll post more on my website when I get the chance.

Jo Carol, Me and Leigh Wyndfield

My awesomely talented cp and friend - Kristi Ahlers
Me, Heather Graham and Brian

Ari and Kristi

Out on Bourbon Street

The Cat's Meow, where we spent most of Friday (and Saturday) night

Leigh, Me and Arianna Hart - two of the coolest ladies on the freakin' planet!!

(Just to drive Pam S. nuts) Me and Shayne Pozzessere - Thbpbpthpt!

Me and Ari

Kristi and I on the balcony of the Cat's Meow

Beth Ciotta in her Voodoo Costume for Saturday's show

Me, Heather Graham in her Voodoo costume, and Miss Kristi

Me and the loverly Leigh at the book signing on Sunday

Me and Kristi at the book signing

Until Next time...

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