Saturday, July 01, 2006

Moving is hell!!

Or purgatory, I haven't really decided yet. It was hot, painful and utter torture so I believe it qualifies as both. But thank the Gods it's finally over!! I thought I was going to have to sacrifice a goat or bribe my friends with mass quantities of beer to finish by today...but we did it without having to do either. DH and I have successfully transplanted our two kids, cat, puppy, hermit crab and tons and tons of useless crap to the new house. Phew! Other than dropping a box of floor tile on my toe, smashing my ear and the numerous cuts, scrapes and bruises - I came out of it unscathed.

Now to unpack. Urgh. First room to be done...why, my new office of course. I painted it pumpkin seed (which is burnt orange, not white like actual pumpkin seeds- don't ask me why) and the wall already boasts my giant LOTR poster. There are wall to wall books and it's right off the kitchen and living area so I can keep an eye on the children and the pooch at the same time I type. What was once hell will soon be heaven...and I can't wait.

Until next time...

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