Sunday, July 31, 2005

July 31, 2005...BRAIN SEX!

Hello all! With the manuscript off to the editor, I've decided that today I'd bring up something a bit off topic. Hmm, how about husbands. Nothing negative mind you, just their complete inability to understand us. So, what's mine up to you ask? He just dropped the kids off at my work so he could go golfing for the third time in 3 days. And the sad thing is, this isn't the first time.Thankfully there is a great book out there called BRAIN SEX, written by Anne Moir, Ph.D, and David Jessel, to help me understand how his mind works. This book clearly and concisely explains the differences between men and women, saying it stems from the fact our brains are constructed differently. I thought this was a fascinating topic, and was shocked to find it an even better read. So if you want to know why us women can be on the phone, holding a baby, scolding the teenager upstairs, while stirring dinner, and thinking about the brownies we need to bake for the potluck tomorrow...when our husbands on the other hand, can't even manage to pick up eggs on the way home from work...this book's for you! I found it truly enlightening, fascinating, and compelling. And now, when my hubby drops the kids off at my work, so he can golf...I know it's simply that his single task minded brain is set on hitting a 79 today, and not on inconveniencing me in the slightest! :-)For a quick link to peruse or buy Brain Sex, click on the link below: next time...

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